Upland Club Membership

Seasonal Rate for Dog Handlers

Twelve memberships will be available each year. The fee is $900. This includes $600 in bird costs at a 10% discount off our published prices to the public.  

Upland members get priority when reserving a field of your choice on the weekdays. Upland Members have two choices for hunts. They can hunt any of the fields for clean-up assuming they are not otherwise reserved.  We will not have any idea how many birds remain in our fields after other hunts and the numbers will likely vary. Nobody else will do scratch bird hunts except our Upland Members.  Members can also call and reserve birds at least 24 hours in advance and our preserve staff will have your field waiting.

Scratch hunts are subject to availability. There are no guest fees for an Upland Member. I hope that the Upland Members also choose to participate in the planning and execution of the overall operation. As a club, our members have a real voice in the design and long-term direction of the upland hunting.



Call Drew @ 302-528-1203 for more information or to schedule a visit